I look forward to meeting you. 

9 years of investment banking. 15 + years in business ownership and marketing and over 20 years of web design. 
Moved over from England in 2002 I dived right in to banking. Winning awards for helping business owners invest their money, and time more wisely. 
When a gap opened in the market for digital marketing I got to work helping different businesses develop marketing strategies in a very unique way and opened Necessity Media Marketing Agency.
Spending many hours researching and and helping clients plan, implement growth strategies using social platforms. 
I know most companies have great resources and teams to be successful. But what they don’t have is the time to research changes to marketing strategies to help grow their business against competition in their industry’s. 
That’s where we come in. After many years creating successful strategies for over 1800 businesses I am here today to help you with yours. My time, your time, equals success.